The Founder Hamed Al-Harrassy – Chairman – Teejan Group

Mr. Hamed Al Harrassy is the founder and chairman of Teejan Group. Today’s Teejan Group was founded by him in 1974 soon after the first Omani Royal decree establishing Commercial Law was announced.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. True to these words, Teejan, which started as a small-scale private business by Mr. Hamed Al Harrassy, today has grown manifold in terms of diverse synergic businesses and volume of operations across the globe. It has been a glorious journey from the initial construction business to a leading business group in the country. The success story of Teejan reflects Mr. Hamed Al Harrassy’s expertise in the modeling of business and his relentless pursuit for excellence.

Mr. Hamed Al Harrassy is a well established businessman, over 20 companies in various industries such as construction, furnishing, services, trading, manufacturing, wholesale, FMCG, and technology. Over 40 years in business able to take any challenge, new businesses are established and steered to success

Today, Teejan Group is a major business conglomerate comprising nine companies in Oman. Our operations span a wide range – Construction, Fire & Security Engineering, Electro mechanical, Laboratory Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Cleaning & Equipments ,Furnishing & Information technology. Teejan Group’s presence extends to the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

As the Chairman, Mr. Hamed Al Harrassy provides the leadership, motivation and direction, propelling Teejan on an ever forward march.

Mr. Fawzi Al Harrassy –Executive Director

Mr. Fawzi Al Harrassy is the Executive Director (Operations) of Teejan Group. He holds a bachelor degree in business with emphasis on Information Technology. Mr. Fawzi brings with him expertise from many prestigious positions including PDO and Microsoft. He provides oversight in the operational matters of all business units for Teejan Group.

He is responsible for setting and implementing the strategic direction of the entire organization. He provides leadership and direction for Teejan group while maintaining and reinforcing the corporate culture.

With many years of professional experience, a proven track record and history of success, Mr. Fawzi has learned what it takes for businesses to succeed. Through these qualities, he is able to guide clients in dealing with complex projects and realizing their strategic visions.        Mr. Fawzi, with his rich education and work experience, follows the footsteps of his father, Mr. Hamed Al Harrassy, in leading Teejan to great heights.

Has the responsibility of setting the vision with the chairman and driving it and directing the group towards set targets and goals to reach the desired vision and lead a team of very talented, professional individuals who have great experience in their fields.

Mr. Aflah Hamed Al Harrassy – Director

Mr. Aflah Hamed Al Harrassy serves as Director at Teejan Trading & Contracting. Prior to joining Teejan, he has established solid careers with prestigious companies like ORPC where he held senior management positions for many years. He oversees the Human Resources department, Procurement department and Logistics operations. He brings to his position extensive experience in several disciplines from the ORPC. He strongly believes in continual improvement, lessons learned, and the importance of training.


Mr. Mohammed Al Harrassy (Director -Administration)

In March, 1992, Mr. Mohammed Al Harrassy joined Teejan as Public Relations Officer.  His dedication to work saw him subsequently promoted as Public Relations Executive now as Assistant to GM (ADMN).  He is primarily responsible for the management of   Administration functions related to labour, immigration and compliance and relations with government offices.  He  has owned his management skills by attending various certified training programmes conducted by prominent institutes in Oman and abroad.